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What is is a skill based fantasy game and one of the fastest growing sites online. Our members participate in Sports Betting Leagues that are completely unique to We bring together the concepts of Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting and bring them to an entirely new level in a compelling league format. Members can play completely risk free "Play for Fun" leagues and compete for great prizes for free, or subscription based leagues that they start on their own with groups of friends, families and co-workers.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program pays website owners, publishers and affiliate marketers for the traffic they send to We will pay you for registered users($1.00), and we also pay you a flat 20% of the subscription revenues that your users spend once they become registered users of the site. Once members become registered users, they spend money to play in cash and private leagues that cost anywhere between 10 and 50 dollars.You will earn 20% of this revenues on a RECURRING basis! If you have large networks that you have access to, please let us know.

Why Become a Affiliate?

Affiliates make money on all sales, registrations, and subscription revenues originating from your site. Depending on the amount of traffic you have access to, you could start earning thousands of dollars per month in this exciting program. The affiliate program is hassle free. Registration takes only a few seconds, and takes care all the administration of the site as well as customer service. All you do is log into your account with your username and password, get your banners or textlinks and put them on your websites or into your emails, and start collecting the commission checks. We make payments through PayPal or through offline checks. As you probably already know, it is not common for Affiliate Programs to pay publishers for clicks and registered users in addition to Ecommerce percentages.That’s why the Affiliate Program is superior to other affiliate programs on the market today.

Getting Paid

We Pay our affiliates via PayPal on Net 15 basis. For example, if you earn $350.00 in the Month of December. We'll Pay you via PayPal on January 15th. We are open to alternative payment methods including paper checks and wire transfers for international affiliates. Certain fees may apply for International Wires.

Benefits of Becoming a Affiliate.

• Enhance your site relevent links to sticky, innovative fantasy sports content.
• Offer your site visitors one of the most compelling and entertaining games on the Internet
• It's a no-hassle way to earn additional revenues from your Web site.
• pays affiliates on a Net 15 basis via PayPal.
• It's free to join, we do not require monthly minimums.
• Register today and get your unique tracking codes and access to our creative library.

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