The More People Play: The More Cash We Pay!
Every month, we have free leagues at the site that everyone is invited to, all you have to do is accept your invitation that is waiting for you when you log-in. Entry is free! And yes, we give away cash in these leagues. The cash reward is based on how many players are in the league. Here are the payouts.

0 - 100 players $1 / player 501 - 600 players $6 / player
101 - 200 players $2 / player 601 - 700 players $7 / player
201 - 300 players $3 / player 701 - 800 players $8 / player
301 - 400 players $4 / player 801 - 900 players $9 / player
401 - 500 players $5 / player 901 - 1,000 players $10 / player
The message should be clear here, the more players in the league the bigger the payout. So inviting all your friends to play in the leagues with you will increase the pot for everyone!
How Do You Earn Rewards Points? By Winning!
The points you win and accumulate at will earn you WANNARewards points that you can redeem for cash and prizes. It's not about winning your league anymore (although that might help you get double points) it's about becomming a daily player and racking up points over time. 1,000,000, points will be equal to one reward point in all our Free Leauges.

Claiming Your Prize & Tracking Your Points
If you click the Profile from the main menu on any page, you will see your rewards points balance and your entire WANNARewards points history. Please make sure your full profile is filled out so that you remain eligible. Members with more than one user account will not be eligible for WANNARewards. If you have any questions about your rewards points balance Click here and send us a message now.
Other Important Info
You are only permitted to have one username at per household. If we discover through our fraud detection and security software that you are playing with multiple accounts, you will not be eligible to win a prize and, at the sole and reasonable discretion of, you may be asked to leave the site indefinetly and have your membership revoked.

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